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Now, due to the appearance of "Amazing White" on the market, the cost of advanced and effective teeth whitening procedure decreased by 5-6 times !!!

Your smile is your treasure. It is one of the things which people notice first during meeting you. White teeth and an attractive smile can really help you in communicating. Undoubtedly, the bright and white smile gives you self confidence.

On this site you can find all the information about oxygen teeth whitening and read about the advantages of this procedure. In short, we are going to tell you about the all aspects of our revolutionary technology!

Amazing White is the fastest and most effective system of professional teeth whitening. While coffee, cigarettes, drinks and coloring foods cause yellowing of teeth, our professional teeth whitening system helps patients regain white smile in just a few minutes.

Perhaps everyone sooner or later confront with the fact that his teeth, which were perfectly white in adolescence, begin to lose its whiteness, get some shade and may even be covered by spots. The extent of loss of the natural whiteness of your teeth depends primarily on the habits of human.

Most of the people, facing such problems, believe that the loss of teeth whiteness and the appearance of a certain shade on it are caused by inappropriate care for teeth, for example, the wrong choice of toothpaste and improper teeth brushing. In fact, this opinion is wrong. On the pages of our website we will consider the main reason, which causes the loss of the teeth whiteness. Moreover, we will introduce you the effective method of advanced teeth whitening, which can be used both in the dental room and at home, being equally effective.

So, what is the main reason of the teeth yellowing? 

Over the years, the enamel micro pores accumulate such a quantity of pigment particles, which appears to change the color of teeth, giving teeth yellow or even brown color, which is impossible to remove by using any toothpaste. It means that the using of toothbrush and toothpaste can not solve this problem, because the coloring pigment is concentrated not on teeth surface, but in its micro pores. Until recently, it was impossible to recover the whiteness of teeth without removing the top layer of enamel or by teeth whitening using the chemicals containing acid. Both of these methods have a number of unpleasant consequences associated with the fact of decreasing the enamel thickness, and this can cause pain as well as tooth decay.

teeth whiteningWith the invention of "amazing white" technology the safe teeth whitening has become a reality!! The use of this advanced and modern technology makes the quick, painless and effective recovery of teeth whiteness possible. In the dental office, by using the special lamp and advanced teeth whitening set as well as making the remineralization of teeth, your teeth can be made white and healthy.

You can even do it at home by yourself. You just should to buy the home whitening kit and read the user guide carefully.

Amazing White Technology ProcessThe «Amazing White» method involves coating the surface of the teeth with special whitening gel, which contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in its structure. Under the action of special LED lamp emitting cold light, hydrogen peroxide decomposes, forming plain water and monatomic oxygen, which atoms are able to penetrate to the very small pores of tooth enamel. Due to the high oxidizing activity of the single-atom of oxygen, it reacts with the particles of pigment, links them and pushes from the micro pores.

As a result of this process, the enamel of the teeth becomes white, giving you an opportunity to smile amazing white smile. Of course, you should understand that such a procedure can not guarantee the preservation of white teeth for a long period of time, because the micro pores will continue to collect particles of pigment due to activity of the human body, however, the simplicity and safety of this method makes it possible to restore the whiteness of their regular teeth when it is necessary to. This method of advanced teeth whitening can be repeated safely every six months.

Of course, a professional teeth whitening, conducted in a dental office, although without clear-cut contraindications, is still a medical procedure and should be carried out carefully after reading the list of contraindications, taking into account individual intolerance of the components that the whitening gel consists of. For example, in the instructions to the whitening gel is said that its use is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, however, such recommendations can be found almost all medicines. Also there is the age limit for the procedure - whiten your teeth is not recommended until 14-16 years of age.

All in all, this modern, reliable and painless method of teeth whitening helps to return the white-toothed, charming smile tens of thousands of people who have not even dreamed about it.

Amazing White will give you a smile, which you will be proud of!

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