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Предварительная подготовка
Prepare teeth before whitening: make a professional teeth cleaning , handle gums with Vitamin E and apply Liquid Dam
Отбеливающий гель
Choose one of the Amazing White gels and apply it on the teeth.
Гель засвечивается на зубах
Use LED-lamp Amazing White and Illuminate gel during 15 minuties. Repeat this procedure twice
Зубы становятся светлее
Teeth becomes more bright and white on 2-3 tones after each session. The best result you will see after all 3 sessions.

The method of «Amazing White» advanced teeth whitening.

The «Amazing White» method involves coating the surface of the teeth with special whitening gel, which contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in its structure. Under the action of special LED lamp emitting cold light, hydrogen peroxide decomposes, forming plain water and monatomic oxygen, which atoms are able to penetrate to the very small pores of tooth enamel. Due to the high oxidizing activity of the single-atom of oxygen, it reacts with the particles of pigment, links them and washes out of the enamel structure. At the same time a negative effect on tooth enamel is minimal, because the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel is only 16%!


Despite the fact that the procedure of «Amazing Smile» teeth whitening is generally harmless, for some groups of people it is not recommended.

Teeth whitening is NOT recommended if:

You are a pregnant woman or nursing mother;

You have a very high sensitivity of the teeth or gums (periodontal disease);

You have bleeding in the area of ​​the front surface of teeth (these teeth are treated with whitening gel);

Your age is under 14;

You were wearing brackets less than 6 months ago;

You have dentures as the front teeth (whitening has no effect on dentures)

Duration of the effect:

teeth whiteningIt is absolutely normal if you are gradually begin to face dental plaque after the teeth whitening procedure. Usually, this process is very slow, but it can be accelerated by frequent consumption of staining substances such as coffee, tea, cigarettes, red wine, colored soft drinks and citrus, fruits and etc.

Thus, the duration of the result is affected two factors:

- Your habits

- The permeability of the enamel of your teeth

All in all, if the permeability of your teeth is high and your teeth are regularly affected by staining substances, the result obtained after the teeth whitening procedure continues for about 6 months. If the enamel of your teeth has a low permeability and your teeth are rarely affected by staining substances, the result of whitening can last up to 2 years. In any case, the procedure of teeth whitening is not recommended to do more often than every six months.

Stages of the teeth whitening procedure:

The procedure consists of three sessions lasting 15 minutes each, which are held in one visit.

Why the «Amazing White» advanced teeth whitening is the best choice?

Differences and similarities

Amazing White


The percentage of peroxide in the whitening gel.

16% H2O2

25% – 45% H2O2

The extent of isolation the gums

Isolation is not required.

Requires careful isolation using the cofferdam. Isolation of all areas of the skin, lit by the lamp.

Duration of the procedure

About 1 hour.

1.5 - 2 hours

Price of the whitening procedure

31$/one person

125$/one person

Whitening efficiency

8-9 tones

8-10 tones

Duration of effect

5-7 months

5-7 months

Painful sensations

A temporary increase in tooth sensitivity (24 hours) or its absence.

Sharp pain on the gums and teeth continues up to 8 days

The need for repeat procedures

2 times a year

2 times a year


You are a

1.Under 14 years old

2.Pregnant and nursing

3.The pulpitis and gum disease

4. 6 months after the removal of brackets

5. Does not work on dentures, fillings and crowns.

1.Under 13 years old

2.Pregnant and nursing

3.The pulpitis and gum disease

4. 6 months after the removal of brackets

5. Does not work on dentures, fillings and crowns.

6. People with thyroid disease.

"Tetracycline" teeth

Whiten on 2-3 tones

Whiten on 2-3 tones


LED-lamp, UV / LED-lamp wavelength of 430-490 nM

UV, LED, Xenon lamps The wavelength of 350-450 nM

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